Thank you for your purchase. Please read this instruction manual carefully before use. Keep the instruction manual at hand and refer to it when necessary.

This is an automatic Ampus AWR01.

  1. To start the watch after it stops completely, rotate the crown clockwise about 35−40 times (or before you feel resistance) in Position 1. When the watch is fully wound, it has an energy reserve of at least 38 hours of running, standard 41 hours of running according to the manufacturer. Your watch is equipped with a Swiss movement Sellita SW200−1.
  2. To set the time after completing the winding procedure of the watch, pull the crown to Position 3 and rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to set the time.
  3. After setting the time accurately, return the crown to position

Note: The crown position 2 in your watch has no function. Just ignore it.


  • The automatic watch movement does not have a battery and is wound by the movement of the wrist. Therefore, if you do not wear the watch on your wrist for several days in a row, it may stop working.
  • It is necessary to adjust the watch bracelet according to the width of your wrist. A loose fit of the watch to your wrist can significantly impair the performance of the automatic winding function.
  • Your watch is best stored in the case provided with purchase, or in a case designed for this purpose, such as a self-winding case (for watches with automatic movement only).
  • Like all precision instruments, your watch’s mechanism must undergo regular maintenance and checks to ensure it performs optimally. Mechanical models need to be serviced every 3 years.
  • A sudden and severe impact caused by sports, a fall, or a blow to the case can not only damage the appearance of your watch, but also damage its mechanism. Some parts of the mechanism have a diameter of less than a tenth of a millimeter. External inspection of the watch may not always reveal damage to these parts, although this may impair the functioning of your watch.
  • The optimal temperature range for your watch is 0 to 50 °C. Prolonged exposure to temperatures outside this range may cause changes in movement patterns and should be avoided.
  • Never expose your timepiece to strong magnetic fields (such as medical MRI equipment, microwave ovens) and avoid prolonged exposure of your watch to any other magnetic sources within a distance of less than 10 cm (such as mobile phones, magnetic closures on bags or bracelets, refrigerators, electronic devices). Magnetism can affect the functioning of your watch mechanism and lead to complete stoppage.


Wipe gently with a soft cloth to absorb moisture. Wiping with rubbing may cause discoloration or loss of luster.
We use Epsom leather to produce straps. This heat-pressed leather features a small cross grain that gives the leather a unique toughness and durability. This material has proven to resist water and most scratches. Soft goat leather is used for the inner lining of the strap.
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