About us

As an independent watchmaker that produces very high-end watches by hand, those production numbers are very small.

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atelier Ampus
Great love and passion for watches, as well as inspiration from the beauty and uniqueness of vitreous enamel, over time grew from fantasy into creation. Having started working from scratch on the first sample, we, step by step, came to the opening of a small watch AMPUS Atelier.

Enamel dials are at the heart of our timepieces, symbolizing simplicity, beauty and unparalleled individuality. We strive to create timepieces that embody these traits, ensuring accessibility for people who value the sophistication and exceptional charm of enamel craftsmanship.
Fully immersed in our work and releasing our debut series AWR01, we are focused on improving our products. Our plans for the future include introducing you to new creative ideas. Currently, our monthly production does not exceed 10 pieces.

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hot vitreous enamel
The mystical luxury of the enameled surface has fascinated people at all times. The attractive properties of the precious metal, shining through the bright, crystal-clear enamels, bewitched.

To create our dials, we mainly use transparent vitreous enamel from Austrian and Japanese manufacturers. In our opinion, these enamels have excellent deep color and stability when working with them.

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handmade enamel dials
We believe that the dial is one of the most important components in a watch. It not only displays time, fulfilling its direct function, but is also a decoration and embodiment of the idea laid down by the master. The custom-designed and subsequently handcrafted dial displays a strong interweaving of precious metal and enamel, which was born in fire. All our dials are unique.

The engraving is done by hand by a master and is unique; the behavior of enamel on metal after repeated firing in a kiln also has an individual character. The plate prepared for work is covered with enamel by hand and fired in a kiln at a temperature of about 790ºC (1454ºF) layer by layer. The full production cycle of one dial can take up to three days.

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Swiss Movements
In our watches we use only Swiss mechanical automatic movements. These mechanisms are famous for their accuracy, reliability and ease of maintenance. We firmly believe that mechanical watches embody a living essence.

Their vitality exists because of your participation - your actions, impulses, movements, care and warmth that you convey. You are the power, that breathes life into watches.

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straps and cases
Our straps and cases are individually handcrafted from high-quality Italian leather. For our straps, we use Epsom leather. This leather undergoes a thermal pressing process and has a small cross-grain texture, which gives it unique strength and durability.

The Epsom leather watch strap has important advantages, such as the ability to maintain its true shape under any circumstances, as well as being completely scratch-resistant. The material is also lightweight and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Soft goat leather is used for the inner lining of the strap.

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Why 001/001?
Each of our watches is marked “001/001” on the case back, symbolizing their exceptional uniqueness.

The uniqueness lies in several aspects:
  • in the carefully hand-made engraving on the dial, which eliminates the repetition of the design;
  • the nature of working with enamel when creating a dial guarantees individuality due to the natural properties that appear when enamel powder is fired on precious metals at high temperatures (the formation of unpredictable patterns and textures).

These internal processes remain beyond our control, culminating in watches that are one-of-a-kind.

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