Each stage of watch creation involves labor-intensive and painstaking processes to perfect every element with the skilled hands of experienced craftsmen.
The application of enamel to the dial is a meticulous process that demands precision, attentiveness, and patience.
Bake enamel in muffle furnace
The first layer of enamel on the dial, baked in a muffle furnace at 790 C.
Typically, it is necessary to apply five such layers to obtain the required thickness.
Once all layers of vitreous enamel have been meticulously applied, the dial undergoes thorough quality control to ensure the absence of defects such as bubbles or unevenly filled surfaces. Any imperfections are then meticulously eliminated. Following this, the dial goes through a labor-intensive process of grinding and polishing to achieve its flawless finish.
Polishing process
Ampus Porcelain AWR01 is undergoing the assembly process.
Our straps are meticulously handcrafted to order using luxurious Italian Epsom leather, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail.
The transport box is designed to ensure that your watch arrives securely and in perfect condition.
Cases for our watches are made by hand according to individual design of high quality leather. No overshooting of your strap during transportation and storage.
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